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Does Bigblue provide a tracking tool?

Yes, Bigblue offers the opportunity for its customers to track their orders' status. Order status are updated automatically on Bigblue's app.

We also send tracking emails to the final customers to let them updated about their order shipment.

Does Bigblue provide a tracking number?

Yes, Bigblue provides a tracking number for every order.We send the tracking number by mail to the final customers.

How does the tracking process work?

Step 1: As soon as an order is placed, our app automatically updates its status.

Step 2: as soon as the parcel is being prepared, the customer receives the first tracking email to update him about the state of his order.

Step3: the customer receives the second tracking email as soon as the parcel leaves the warehouse.

Customers can follow the course of their order by following the tracking link provided in our emails.

Are the tracking emails customizable?

Yes, our tracking emails are customizable and you can use it with your own branding.

How can I customize the tracking email?


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