Which storage method to use in logistics?

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A storage system is very important, it must be appropriate for the goods that a company handles. There are several methods of storage, each with advantages and disadvantages.

There are several methods to manage storage in logistics. The main ones used in warehouses are :

  • The Lifo method ("Last In, First Out"): this is an accounting method for managing stocks and inventory. You have to be very careful because this method is forbidden in France. The aim of this method is to sell first the products produced or bought last.
  • The FIFO method ("First In First Out"): this is a method of stock management, it consists of taking the oldest products out of your stocks before the newest ones. Companies that sell pre-cured products often use this method.

It is very important to find out in advance which method is best for your company's stock management. This will give you an idea of how best to organise your space and what processes to put in place.

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