How to manage the delivery in e-commerce?

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The delivery of your products is crucial for your e-commerce. It can have a direct impact on your brand image but also on your sales. 62% of consumers consider that delivery is the first selection criterion for an online purchase.

Several factors can be decisive, such as:

  • A clear and efficient delivery process
  • The best delivery options
  • The delivery status of an order

An effective delivery process will not only bring you new customers, but will also help you to retain them and build an attractive reputation. 

There are many things you can do to make your delivery policy a real secret weapon that will boost your sales. You can read our guide to excel in e-commerce delivery for more information.

As an e-merchant, it is best to learn about the best carriers to select, the countries to set up in, the delivery options that appeal, in order to methodically work on your delivery and return policy.

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