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Javier Turull
COO at Tropicfeel

Tropicfeel’s logistics were managed internally. The team was responsible for the entire supply chain, from the order preparation to the parcel shipping. All this represented an enormous workload, high costs, and an obstacle to the rapid growth the company was expecting. The lack of technology did not allow data to be collected to improve the customer experience and make more accurate and concrete decisions.


Tropicfeel has received tailored support in order to professionalize its logistics processes. Automation helped to reduce the team's workload and allowed them to focus on other key activities such as marketing and production. Bigblue's solution has helped to reduce transportation costs and delivery time, resulting in a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

43% of growth

Tropicfeel stands out from the crowd with its 4-in-1 sneakers. It is comfortable and adaptable to all situations. Created by adventurers and for adventurers, Tropicfeel is a brand that places sustainability and transparency at the heart of all its operations.

During its first crowdfunding campaign in 2018, Tropicfeel raised around €2 million from 26,000 backers around the world. To grow the brand, even more, Tropicfeel’s team decided to launch their own e-commerce store.

At first, Tropicfeel handled all their logistics processes internally. From preparing the orders to shipping, everything was done manually in their Spain offices. This represented an enormous workload and extremely high logistical costs.

Once the volume of orders started to increase, Tropicfeel’s team decided to outsource its e-commerce logistics to ensure the best possible experience for its customers



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When choosing their logistics partner, Tropicfeel defined a list of essential criteria: 

  • A company that shares the same vision and values (including transparency)
  • A partner that puts data at the heart of its business.

Tropicfeel was not only looking for a service provider to manage its logistics processes, but also for a modern solution that would allow data collection. This would help them make better strategic decisions.

Data relating to:

  • Real time inventory and its evolution in order to manage the entire supply chain.
  • Delivery time per customer and per country in order to find the best routes and thus reduce costs.
  • Customer satisfaction through proactive detection of potential problems.

This data allows Tropicfeel to better analyze the performance of its logistics processes and make the right decisions to ensure an optimal customer experience. 

“Bigblue's shopify integration was one of the things that surprised us the most. It was really great and easy!!!”

Bigblue's services helped in professionalizing Tropicfeel's logistics. All of this was possible by using well-defined processes that are adapted to their business. It also allowed Tropicfeel to have a better resources’ allocation and spend less time on logistical tasks to focus on more urgent areas such as customer satisfaction, production or marketing.

Bigblue’s platform is so easy to use that it helps Tropicfeel to have visibility over their entire supply chain. Teams can be proactive thanks to order status. They have the ability to track their inventory in real time and can be alerted when stock reaches a low limit.

Thanks to Bigblue, Tropicfeel has been able to reduce its average delivery time and now ensures that all orders are shipped within 24 hours.

"The proactivity, transparency and speed of response of Bigblue’s team are things that we particularly appreciate. The support we receive is very important and there is a close relationship between our two teams. Thanks to all this, it feels great to work with Bigblue.”

The wide choice of carriers allows Tropicfeel to adopt the most appropriate solution for each order, resulting in a considerable reduction in logistics costs.

One feature that Tropicfeel enjoys using at Bigblue is personalized tracking emails! With an opening rate of about 70%, tracking emails offer a real opportunity to anchor the brand in consumers' minds.

These emails with personalized content ensure constant and proactive communication with customers at every step of the process, and turn them into true brand ambassador

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