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The brand presented by President Macron to the G7 uses Bigblue to automate its logistics

Nghia Nguyen Dai
COO - Awake Concept

After a successful Crowdfunding campaign, Awake’s team had to prepare and deliver more than 1300 rewards (products) to their backers around the world. The workload associated with logistics was very huge and required a lot of time and effort for Awake’s team.


Bigblue has enabled Awake to automate its entire supply chain and helped them manage all their logistics processes in a few clicks. This allows Awake’s team to focus on other tasks such as product development and marketing to promote brand growth.

458% growth

You might know it as the G7’s watch or through this picture of President Macron, but Awake is much more than that. 

Awake is a brand that combines eco-responsibility and technology in the same product. Their watches are made from recycled materials and use solar energy to operate

The Awake adventure began in the summer of 2018 with a crowdfunding campaign. The project was a great success and allowed the team to meet their funding goal of $30,000 in less than an hour. At the end of the campaign, Awake was able to raise just over $300,000 from 850 backers around the world.


Awake Concept

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After successfully delivering 1300 products to their 850 backers, Awake launched its e-commerce to broaden its impact and raise awareness about sustainability and eco-responsibility. During the first few months, Awake managed its logistics internally but as the volume of orders increased, the task became more difficult and required more time and effort.

In order to better allocate resources and ensure continued growth, it was important for Awake’s team to outsource its logistics and focus its efforts on product development and marketing activities.

For us, it is like the day and the night, we have gone from a system where everything is prepared manually to a system where everything is automated.

By collaborating with Bigblue, Awake's team has gone from a system in which everything was prepared manually to an integrated system where all processes can be managed in a few clicks. Bigblue's services have helped to automate Awake's entire supply chain and made it easier for their team to work.

The ease to migrate to Bigblue’s system has allowed Awake to integrate its Shopify store and add its inventory in a simple and quick way.

Bigblue’s support team is very responsive. They are attentive to our needs and know how to adapt to solve all our problems. We are fully satisfied with the service Bigblue provides and we are very happy with this collaboration.

The ease of use of Bigblue’s interface allows easy navigation between the different tabs of the platform. The platform also helps Awake to optimize carrier selection via the Shipping Cost Optimizer, a tool that allows them to calculate and compare the prices of different carriers and thus choose the most appropriate solution for each delivery.

Awake uses the safe storage area to ensure that their products, which are small and valuable, are stored safely.

Aware of the importance Awake gives to its values and mission, Bigblue ensures that all materials used for packaging and order fulfillment are recyclable. The responsiveness and adaptability of Bigblue’s team allows them to take care of every detail and meet all of Awake's needs.

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