How to master Pop-Ups to boost your e-commerce sales?

You may think that Pop-Ups are dead, but they can boost your conversion rate by 9,28. Discover how to implement and test Pop-Ups on your e-commerce to increase your conversion rate.

Thomas Pedegaye (EmailClub)
November 15, 2021
November 29, 2021

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You may think that Pop-Ups are dead, but they can boost your conversion rate by 9,28. To put that in perspective if you get 150 daily visits a day, you will have 418 sign-ups every month!

The subject of this article is a hot topic in the world of e-commerce, without exaggerating: Should you install one (or more) Pop-Ups on your site to collect phone numbers and e-mails? In addition to your shopping cart, the footer at the bottom of the page, and your possible landing pages.

They deserve a special mention since they are one of the few levers, alongside landing pages, that allow you to collect a larger number of subscribers. In this article, we will try to give you more details on what you can do to optimize them, our best tips, and what not to do!

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1. Understanding e-mail marketing

When we talk about e-mail marketing, we are talking about the customer base, and therefore the number of subscribers to the newsletter. 

There are only a limited number of ways to grow your database:

  • The shopping cart: the prospect abandons the cart after accepting the marketing, he will join your base. No action levers here except to make you compliant in terms of RGPD.
  • The footer at the bottom of your website: allows your visitors to sign up. As you can imagine, this is not the collection method that will explode your base.
  • The collection form, usually called a Pop-Up: the most popular form type. We'll come back to them in more detail.
  • A dedicated landing page: super-efficient and relevant in this period (Black Friday VIP list registration, product launch, etc.) This is a very good way to collect a large number of subscribers quickly, but not for free. You will have to drive traffic to it.

💡 Email-Club and Bigblue tips: 

Regarding lead collection campaigns on Facebook: we advise you not to use the native function of Facebook Ads, but to drive traffic to a dedicated landing page. The more complex registration will allow you to collect qualified leads, and to teach the Facebook algorithm to find you GOOD leads.  

Example of a mobile landing page created for a product launch for an EmailClub member. Result: over €50k in sales on the first day (1 email + 1 SMS.)

2. Pop-Ups, why, and how?

THE subject you need to work on if you don't have one already is your Pop-Ups!

The two main goals here are: to help convert visitors who are undecided but close to conversion, and to recover the emails of visitors who are too cold at this stage, to convert them via a welcome series or future newsletters.  

Many merchants have reservations about Pop-Ups. As usual, our advice will be the same: do it, but try to bring value to your customers, without being too intrusive. A well-tuned Pop-Up positively impacts your conversion rate.

There is a multitude of possibilities depending on the type of event, more or less configurable depending on whether you use Klaviyo or WisePops, a French tool recommendable if you plan to set up custom scenarios.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of possibilities to implement Pop-Ups on your e-commerce:

  • Welcome Pop-Up, focus below
  • Exit Pop-Up, I'm not convinced and, neither is Laurent Kretz from the podcast Le Panier
  • Xth visit of a product
  • Xth visit on the site
  • Addition of a product to the shopping cart
  • Return to the site after X days of absence
  • ETC... everything is possible if you have time, and if they are well configured.

With a registration rate ranging from 5 to 20% on the welcome Pop-Up, depending on a multitude of factors, you can't miss this opportunity to capture leads, you have probably paid to bring to your e-commerce. Especially if you do social ads for example.

If I haven't convinced you to take an interest in Pop-Ups, take a look at your direct competitors, in France and abroad, and see what they offer. If they offer one, you have the answer to your question. 

3. The Welcome Pop-Up

The Welcome Pop-Up is our weapon of choice in terms of e-mail collection! 

It is proposed to visitors who are not already in the CRM. It encourages conversion and recovers warm leads.

Often, we advise you to offer a discount on their first order, for the simple reason that this is the most common practice for e-commerce websites and apps for that matter!

Cajoo's example in the Parisian Metro

The concept is always the same: to invite the customer to register, to work on retention and lifetime value afterward. Here’s the example of Cajoo in the Parisian metro.

To find the right balance between an aggressive Pop-Up and lack of profit, there's nothing like putting yourself in the customers' shoes and doing several A/B tests.

Below is the navigation on the SheIn site, which might seem quite peculiar but is surely the result of long-term testing... 

Shein's Pop-Up example

💡 Email-Club and Bigblue tips for performing Pop-Ups: 

  • A clear message: understand the counterparty instantly
  • A responsive design (mobile vs desktop)
  • An interesting reward aligned with your multi-channel marketing strategy
  • Remember to exclude customers from welcome Pop-Ups
  • Make it easy to close, but not too easy: you don't want to frustrate customers who would click on it by mistake.

Example of Ubac’s Welcome Pop-Up:

Ubac's Pop-Up example

How to optimize your conversion rate? 

As is often the case in e-mail and SMS marketing, by means of AB testing. You will want to test the different variables until you find what works best for you. 

  • First test the offer: 10€ / 10% / A surprise / Wheel of fortune / Etc...
  • Then test the time of appearance: instant (not a fan) vs 10/30/60/90 seconds
  • The message, its order, etc...

💡 Email-Club and Bigblue tips: 

Spend 60% of the time allocated to work on your e-shop testing the offer first. Once your simple Pop-Up is optimized, you can integrate more than 2 steps to: 

  • Collect data about your users: gender, age, etc
  • Collect phone numbers: important given the changes regarding the collection of numbers in the check-out in 2021.

Be careful not to overdo it, or you'll disrupt the customer experience. Unless you have a good reason to do so, a 2-step PopUp is often a good solution.

As you can see, CRM is often just a business story: you want to find the right offer to propose to your prospects at the right time to make them want to sign up, and why not give them a reason to do so. Who has never ordered using a welcome promo code?.

4. Final remarks    

Email and phone number collection are at the heart of your email and SMS marketing strategy. Without this data, you won't be able to take advantage of the incredible leverage that weekly newsletters can have on your e-commerce site.

If you're an e-tailer and you're starting get an interesting volume of monthly traffic, consider contacting a specialist to help you, and A/B test all the elements mentioned in this article.

This article was co-written with EmailClub, an e-mail marketing agency for 7 and 8 figure e-tailers, you can contact them here.

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